iCareLess - The End of http://m.-Sites.

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I promised to release my responsive Wordpress theme soon. But I realised since I’m writing my thesis, I have no time to finalise the theme. So feel free to use it as a starting point for your own developments, credit to this domain is appreciated.

Responsive Web Design

You can read more about responsive design at A List Apart. To make it short, you don’t need separate sites for mobile devices any more. So instead of having a site structure like http://m.yourdomain.com + http://www.yourdomain.com + http://pad.yourdomain.com + … you have one site and use the CSS @media selector to distinguish between screen sizes and devices and give the user a design which is optimised for their device, from the iPod, iPhone and iPad (or similar devices, of course).

iCareLess Download

As already mentioned, iCareLess is based on the semantic HTML5 theme Toolbox and the CSS framework Less Framework. Feel free to download and use and fork the theme on GitHub. Credit to this site is appreciated if you use it. Contact me on Twitter if there are any problems.

Download iCareLess

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