Scrolling in your HTML5 App

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For my last app I ran into the problem of scrolling an area within an HTML5 App while other areas, for example the header remains at a static position. There are a couple options:

I started with iScroll which seems to be the most popular option but ran into major troubles and headaches with it. Digging into the topic, I found Scrollability, which is unfortunately not maintained any more (last commit 2 years ago?). And including a major framework into an existing App just for scrolling was kind of using a sledge-hammer to crack a nut. Since the App is supposed to run on iOS first, I figured I’ll try the native way: -webkit-overflow-scrolling: touch.

However, this is also kind of tricky. Here’s what you need:

Change UIWebViewBounce in your config.xml to false:

Unfortunately, the height of the wrapper is 50px too short, the height of the header. The only solution I found was resizing the height with some JavaScript.

This can be done after rendering, for example with mustache.js.

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