The Power of Beer - Creating a Startup Culture in Barcelona

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“Silicon Valley of Europe” - that was the plan a few years ago for Barcelona. At the moment, the title goes to Berlin, Germany, due to the many successful startups recently; 6Wunderkinder and soundcloud just to name a couple.

There is potential in Barcelona, not only the beach, a stunning city and perfect weather conditions which attract millions of tourists every year, but also lots of creative and talented people who just want to enjoy the mediterranean way of life (which is not by necessity taking 2 hour siesta every day and fiesta every night) and make some money for living.

If there is the good weather and a superb atmosphere, what is actually missing to make Barcelona the Silicon Valley of Europe? Berlin and Munich have neither beach nor sun and nice weather. The thing they do have are lots of “Biergarten” (beer gardens) and small conferences. This is the startup culture.

Networking is an essential problem in Barcelona. There are some activities (Mobile Monday Barcelona, Startups, Technology and Innovation made in Barcelona, Startup Weekend Barcelona, and a few others), but if you check the latest activities, most of them are not maintained any more. Being new to the city, I haven’t had a change to talk to any other developer, and the Mobile World Congress was probably too expensive for most of them to go.

Mobile World Capital Barcelona is an initiative to make Barcelona the world city in mobile communications within the next seven years,

"bringing in around €300M in the 1st year and will progress to about 3.5 billion over 2012-2018"

This is a good argument to talk startup, no?

But before talking startup, the network and culture has to be created. And this is pretty easy to do, as there are hundreds of bars with barrels of beer and hundreds if not thousands of creative people in Barcelona drinking beer. There’s a bunch of international people willing to do something, mostly organized on the popular social media platform Twitter.

We are going to meet the first time on Wednesday, 14th of March, 8pm at Bar Lobo (C/ Pintor Fortuny, 3, 08001 Barcelona) to set up an informal (un)framework to meet on a regular basis. Everybody is invited to present his startup, talk about new ideas and technologies and how to create a nice, weekly networking event.

Let's talk mobile. Let's talk startup. Let's talk tech. And let's drink beer!

Follow me on Twitter to get the latest news and updates and see you on Wednesday!

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