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Today we tried another social twitter experiment in the lecture New Media, New Technology within our MSc program Media Technology called "twitPong". Martin Weber (@web_martin) and me modified a "Mentor TG20 Sport Console" (the Nintento Wii of 1977) to work with tweets. The idea is that players send a tweet in the format "#twitPong #roundX #playerX value" to the social microblogging service. A processing.org application receives the twitter stream for the #twitPong-hashtag and sends the values for the player and the position of the paddle to an Arduino Duemilanove.

For the big demo we had about 6 players, everybody could decide to play as #p1 or #p2 and send values between 1 and 14 to twitter, were 7 was the middle, 14 the top and 1 the bottom. After the Arduino it got tricky and low-budget with the hardware to control the paddles: the Arduino set a PWM port for each player which lights an LED. In front of the LED there was a light sensor which acted as potentiometer/resistor for the paddle controllers, which we disassembled for that purpose. You can watch the full presentation at vimeo. Enjoy.


[vimeo http://www.vimeo.com/21015472 w=480&h=270]

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