First Steps as a Digital Nomad

After a ~24 hour journey, we finally arrived in Padangbai, Bali, Indonesia. The first mistakes we realised right away:

  • Bali is UTC+08:00, not +07:00 as Jakarta

  • Padang Bai is a small village, there’s no shopping possibilities (we didn’t bring clothes or swim gear, as we planned to buy that on arrival)

  • I asked the folks from NomadList about the best mobile carrier which according to some is “Telkomsel”. Unfortunately I didn’t get the reply in time and bought a SIM from “XL” instead as they had a booth right outside the airport doors

  • Also, the airport was the most expensive place to get a SIM card (~15 Euros). I learned the card costs around 2000 IDR (10c) without a data plan and can be topped up via app or at the shop

  • We ran straight through immigration without getting a Visa On Arrival. Here’s a good resource I found (afterwards):

Unfortunately, entering Visa Free does not allow you to extend your visa. If you entered without paying for a visa, you can only stay in Indonesia for 30 days. You cannot extend a visa that you do not have.

Which isn’t too bad, as the visa extension sounds like a hassle and we planned to move around anyway. We’re now forced to find the next destination right away.

We decided to start on the east coast of Bali as there are great diving spots, the downside is that internet/WiFi isn’t as fast and reliable as in other places. We picked the OK Divers Resort and going to start a PADI Open Water diving course right away today (~300,- EUR pp.).

Apart from the minor issues mentioned above, we’re luckily not jet-lagged and already enjoying local refreshments and healthy food. The plan is to start exercising tomorrow.