Somewhere in the deeps of the interwebs I found a copy of my old wordpress blog which I thought lost. There might be some issues with images and broken links »

HTML5 vs. Native [thoughts]

Going mobile – in the past years tablets and smart phones have taken over the technology world, computer sales are stagnating. Web sites need to be “responsive” and to be hip »

Continuous deployment of node.js apps with Jenkins and Git

First of all, thanks to carbonsilk for providing the first tutorial on how to configure automated deployment with Git and Jenkins. But things have changed since 2011 so I'd like »

Places to work in Barcelona

Sankt Oberholz, Aunt Benny and Heroes, those are well-known places in Berlins startup and freelance scene to get work done. Places which are cozy and quiet, with decent wifi connection »

Location queries with Couchbase and Elasticsearch

I recently changed my geolocation queries from Couchbase GeoCouch to Elasticsearch since Elasticsearch offers more flexibility with the search parameters. However, the switch was not as easy as I thought »

Scrolling in your HTML5 App

For my last app I ran into the problem of scrolling an area within an HTML5 App while other areas, for example the header remains at a static position. There »