Hello, I'm Patrick

After studing Computer Science in Media (BSc at Furtwangen University) and Media Technology (MSc University Leiden), I lived a few years in Barcelona and co-founded blended.io. Approaching the end of 2017 I needed a change and started a new life. We adopted a location independend, nomadic lifestyle.

As an Estonian e-Resident, I founded HC, a software engineering and consulting firm. Since then, me and my wife Maithili travelled to a over a dozen countries in Europe and South East Asia.

I write about #remote-working, #nodejs, #serverless and #travel

Recent Articles

How to run an Estonian company without ever going to Estonia

By now everyone should know the Estonian e-Residency program and that’s not what this article is about. 14 months ago I decided to form my new company in Estonia and it’s been a great time so far. Everything is streamlined and simple. In the months running the new company I had many interesting conversations with friends about the company, taxes and nomad life. This week a friend of mine decided to register for eResidency and walked through the company formation process with LeapIN. … »

Malaysia 🇲🇾

Kuala Terengganu KT was our first impression after landing in Malaysia and definitely not the best one. We didn’t really plan our trip this time, so after landing in Kuala Lumpur, we went through immigration without having a connecting flight or bus transfer to KT. We thought we’d stay the night but didn’t realise the airport hotels are only at the international terminal before passing immigration and we couldn’t go back. … »

Switzerland 🇨🇭, Ukraine 🇺🇦, Austria 🇦🇹

We stayed in Cyprus for the month of July, as it was the middle of the monsoon season in Asia. But Cyprus in July was HOT and August is usually HOTTER, so we decided to travel through some milder countries instead. In Zurich we visited one of our clients, in Kiev we met with some of our remote team members and in Vienna we picked up the Estonian eResidency card. … »

The Pain and Gain of marrying a non-EU citizen

Why marry? And where? You can‘t choose what the heart wants. And you might not be aware that if the heart wants a non-EU citizen, you might get into big trouble. We’ve been in this situation for more than two years now. Maithili got a 9 months visa for Europe to learn how to teach English in Spain (TEFL, a terrible idea for non-native English speakers). So after the 9 months were up, there was no other option but to leave Spain. … »

Bikepacking - Here’s what we learned.

Sunday, June 15. We arrived at our destination: Mount Olympus, Cyprus. In the village of Troodos (5km from the peak). We departed on this journey to escape the melting heat down at the beach, but also to get fit and explore a new lifestyle: bikepacking. Check out Part 1: Bikepacking through Cyprus and Part 2: Amat Victoria Curam of this adventure with tour details. Our Gear Starting the Pouziaris Trail … »

Amat Victoria Curam — Bikepacking Part 2

Amat Victoria Curam (“Victory loves preparation”) was the motto of 2011 “The Mechanic” movie and was going through my head as we arrived in Arakapas, the set destination of the day. But first how we got there. Vavla Route: Lefkara to Vavla July 8, 2018. Day 4 of our bikepacking adventure. As mentioned in Part 1, getting up in the morning on the first day wasn’t the hardest part. … »

Bikepacking Through Cyprus. Part 1.

This morning at 5:00 we left our apartment in Oroklini to head towards the mountains. The motivation is simple: it’s too hot near the coast. Temperatures are 37ºC or more at 9:00 in the morning, it’s impossible to go outside. And we like outside. We left at 5:00 in order to get a few hours on the tyres before the sun rises and looking back now I wish we would have left at 3:00 (as we initially planned and set an alarm for, but who gets up at 2:45? … »

A Journey Through Cyprus

The past two weeks we traveled from Larnaca to Paphos twice, once for our amazing company retreat for Heneise Consulting, the second time privately with a rental car. East (Ayia Napa) Natural arch near Ayia Napa To explore the country we set as our home base, we started our journey on the east end of the island, Ayia Napa and Cape Greco. Except for the swarms of tourists swimming around and about, the water is crystal clear and the views are fantastic. … »

Larnaca (Cyprus)

South East Asia is fantastic, and there are so many things left for us to see, but they will have to wait a little. We decided to interrupt our Asia trip for a few reasons: My wife was not lucky enough to be born in a country with a privileged passport, which makes travel unnecessarily complicated and stressful. When I left Spain, I left my “autonomo” behind, the legal structure to get paid and pay taxes in Spain. … »

How I Protect My Privacy

When I talk with family and friends about privacy, the first response is usually “I have nothing to hide” or variations of the same sentence. The best response to that so far I heard from Aral Balkan many years ago: “Privacy is about going to the restroom and closing the door behind you. It’s not other peoples business”. It’s also why people have a fence around their garden or turn computer screens away from doors and windows. … »


The beach near our resort in Koh Lanta Since it’s a shorter timeframe than usual, I’ll summarise everything in one post. After arriving in Thailand I had mixed feelings about the country. Expectations where high, given it’s the top destination for tourists and the internet is full of white sand beaches with crystal clear water. Getting through Bangkok Airport was the first obstacle. In the plane, they told us to follow the signs for Krabi, Chiang Mai, Phuket etc. … »

One Month in Cambodia

09.03.2018 — 09.04.2018 We started our trip in Siem Reap and stayed there for a week. The first two days we visited the Angkor Archaeological Park and enjoyed the week in AngkorHUB co-working space, Getting Things Done. We traveled to Kep, because the stories of Sihanoukville didn’t sound appealing to us. We didn’t want to get into touristic crowds and Kep was advertised as: > “Its impressive range of boutique hotels squarely targets a more cultured beach crowd than the party-happy guesthouses of Sihanoukville and the islands. … »

Kep (Cambodia)

6.5 hours night bus from Siem Reap to Phnom Penh (the capital of Cambodia), 3 hours wait at the bus station and another 3.5 hours in a bus to Kep. I felt worse than jet-lagged and needed more than a day of sleep to recover from this adventure. The ride was safe, the night bus comfortable enough to get a few hours of sleep, but all together it was exhausting and we lost our weekend to traveling. … »

Siem Reap (Cambodia)

Temples. Temples temples temples temples and more temples. That was our weekend, the first two days in Seam Reap. The flight here was quite stressful; we stayed near the Bali airport as it was a 7am flight. AirAsia has a carry-on limit of 7kg and they’re very strict about it on their website, so the night before we had to go through our backpacks again and throw things out to get close enough to 7kg which was a very hard exercise. … »

Being a Nomad; The first 30 days

Padang Bai Canggu Gili Air Ubud We arrived on February 7 and departed on March 9. As the visa is valid for 30 days and I’m lazy, I entered “02/07/2018 + 30 days” (American date format is required, no idea why) into my favourite search engine DuckDuckGo. The date I got was March 9, which I put into the calendar right away. Unfortunately, most date calculations don’t include the first date entered as the first day, which lead to us overstaying our visa by 1 day. … »

Ubud (Indonesia)

We have arrived at the last destination of this trip in Indonesia: Ubud. Again, one of the Top 10 cities on NomadList, again a little bit of a disappointment (much less than Canggu though). Ubud is associated with green rice fields and terraces, instead it’s just another busy city. For the bigger rice fields, you need to get way out of the center. We arrived at our hotel Umala at Bisma after a trip with the fast boat and shuttle bus. … »

Gili Air (Indonesia)

After traveling for 10 days in Indonesia, we finally found what we were looking for: beach, sunshine, relaxation and a good place to work. As we couldn’t find all of this on Bali, we moved to Gili Air. Gili Air is the smallest of three tiny islands near Lombok. The way once around the island is exactly 5km, the perfect distance for a daily morning run. South-west view on Lombok and the volcano in the morning … »

Canggu (Indonesia)

Canggu dominates the Top #5 of NomadList for a long time now and we were told there’s lots of good (surf) shops around. As we planned to by swim gear , flip flops etc. in Indonesia instead of packing it right away before starting the trip (big mistake), we decided to go for a quick 2 day scouting and shopping trip to Canggu. We couldn’t have chosen a more radical change from the quiet life in Padang Bai to this stressful traffic nightmare. … »

Padang Bai (Indonesia)

The first week as freshly baked Digital Nomads is almost over and we’re moving to the next location. Here’s my review of the first place: Padang Bai. Padang Bai isn’t really on the radar for digital nomads, nor anyone else except scuba divers and snorkelers. It’s a small village on the south-east coast of Bali with a few small shops (think ali baba pants and “I ❤️ Bali” tourist shirts, don’t expect anything more). … »

First Steps as a Digital Nomad

After a ~24 hour journey, we finally arrived in Padangbai, Bali, Indonesia. The first mistakes we realised right away: Bali is UTC+08:00, not +07:00 as Jakarta Padang Bai is a small village, there’s no shopping possibilities (we didn’t bring clothes or swim gear, as we planned to buy that on arrival) I asked the folks from NomadList about the best mobile carrier which according to some is “Telkomsel”. … »

Simple accounting tip for freelancers in Spain

As an expat freelancer, I suggest to get an accountant from the start, to help set up the business but also to run it. What accountants usually don’t help with, is how you safe your money for tax payments. In Spain, you usually pay two different taxes: IRPF (income tax) and IVA (VAT). IRPF is 19% right now and IVA 21%. The calculation is a bit tricky. Let’s assume you invoice your client in Spain 1000 EUR (IVA and IRPF only apply for national invoices): > Invoice for my services: **1000 EUR IRPF Tax (-19%): -190 EUR **IVA (+21%): 210 EUR > Total: 1020 EUR … »

Makefile for Node.js developers

TL;DR — check out the example here Configuration used to be easy: config.dev.js config.prod.js config.test.js and done. Except that those weren’t environments as we have them today (k8s, Travis, Compose, to name a few). Since early 2017 we tried out various ways to work with environment variables and configuration to achieve a Twelve-Factor-App: > The twelve-factor app stores config in *environment variables* The Environment Issue When working with node. … »


visual collaboration — that was my theme for the final ‘New Media & New Technology‘ course within the ‘Media Technology’ programme. Final Result With 8 participants after 5 hours exhibition time. Concept I took the underlaying idea from *eggDaProf*: controlling a virtual instance with an iOS device and be part of something big. Instead of a game I wanted to do something more permanent and stable, so I decided to do a visualisation. … »

My Best of Barcelona

You don’t live somewhere without developing a taste and sense for the local businesses. So, after six years living in Barcelona, here are my top picks for places to eat and drink in Barcelona. A quick aside, life in Barcelona got incredibly comfortable (and lazy) in the past years: I grew fond of Deliveroo, a high quality take out service, which shows you recommended places close to your location. You can order anything from Brunch favourites to margaritas. … »

The End of an Era

Sunday, September 4th, 2011. The day I landed in Barcelona. Just for the second time. I spent 2 weeks there in July 2011 and fell in love with the city, returned to Leiden University only to deliver my Master thesis and then returned to Barcelona for good. Two days before the end of my vacation, and thanks to Twitter, I got offered a job as a web developer. The contract was sent over while I was on the plane and having it that easy, I thought I had to go there. … »

Eurotrip v2

This is the 3rd road trip with my Sportster, the first time I went straight from Barcelona to Germany for a 3 week vacation, the second time I toured around mostly through Austria with my girlfriend and this time it was a 4 week extended, unplanned trip through the Italian Alps, with Bled (Slovenia) as final destination. The first trip I only had a backpack with me, second time the 2 saddlebags fit clothes for 2 people for 2 weeks and this time I added a Ortlieb bag for camping stuff, that’s all for one person (sleeping bag, mattress and tent were kind of big and everything was used at least once, so not too bad). … »